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Aaron was a fly fisherman, he tied his own flies and had a beautiful, rhythmic cast that was almost hypnotic to watch. He was never more at peace or far from the medical issues that so often plagued him than when he was fishing in the clear waters of the Swift River.  


Aaron had an irrepressible personality that was undiminished by adversity.  He had a dry, subtle wit, a contagious smile, and an easy laugh that drew people to him.  Family meant everything to Aaron and he was an eager participant in holiday celebrations, birthdays, and weddings as well as a quiet listener and source of support when needed.  


He was a courageous fighter, with great physical endurance who never gave up.  He bounced back time and again after many brushes with death, with no more comment than,

“I guess we dodged that bullet.”  He knew his medical situation but didn’t complain and never lost his passion for life. He was a true profile in courage. 


Aaron's interests were eclectic, including film, fly fishing, and the arts and sciences.  He could quote Shakespeare liberally, often with a very original and amusing twist, or be equally at home discussing the latest theories on the origin of the universe.  

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